What Charly’s Clients Say:


“Charly has been an absolute rock for me as I have transitioned my traditional coaching business to an online coaching service. She has calmly steered me in the right direction, with instantly available advice and hands-on guidance. She has patiently reworked my ever-evolving ideas, and has always been there at the 11th hour if I urgently needed something doing. I very much appreciate her thoughtful, calm, caring, ‘can-do’ approach, as well as her technical ability, and she is a delightful person too!”


Amanda Knightwww.minds4success.com


“One of my criteria in hiring Charly was my need to have someone manage me. With my business in a revamping stage, she’s handled multiple tasks and projects, outsourcing as needed and assisting me to stay on track – or adjust and change direction when needed.I especially appreciate the wealth of experience and knowledge Charly brings to our working relationship, and her ability to be a sounding board and provide insightful input. Over the past few months, she has earned my trust, after I had a less-than-stellar VA/OBM experience elsewhere. She combines “can-do” with a note of realistic practicality, a sense of humor and a gracefully effective way of communicating with me.All of this combines to create a really effective working relationship that is allowing me to get things done, at all levels in my business and in all areas.”


Lyn Allenwww.lynallen.com


“Charly has very good listening skills. She gets clear on my intention and focus, then takes the ball and runs with it. I have not had to wonder what she is doing or whether the project is complete; she takes care of the jobs in a timely manner. I love how I have also been able to throw her a couple of curve balls at the last minute — asking her to set aside what she was doing and work on something else for me that day. She has always cheerfully switched gears and completed the requested tasks. I feel like Charly understands what I need and is very helpful in brainstorming ways to grow my business. I would recommend her without hesitation.”


Cindie Wildingwww.answersfromwithin.com


“I have had OBM’s for 30 years, Charly exceeds my highest standard, and I am a perfectionist. She is the most organized, thorough, conscientious and remarkably fast on her feet OBM I have worked with. She is able to meet me at whatever level I am at, whether it is warp speed, exhausted and disorganized, or just plain dependent and forgetful. I can rely on Charly to be consistent, steady and flawless in any situation, from a planning session, to organizing a training, to keeping me on task. I could not do the work I do without her backing me.”


Melaney Sreenan, Ph.D.www.melaney.com


“Charly Alexander has been like a virtual angel to my business! She is quick and resourceful with all aspects of my organizational needs: technology, errands, research and development. I ask – she delivers! What might she help you do with yours to make life a whole lot easier?”


Victoria FittsMilgrim – www.truelifecoach.net